Integrating Geek Culture Into Therapy

Geek Therapeutics

Whether your love is video games, Dungeons & Dragons, anime, or comics, you likely identify as a geek. We bridge the gap between geeks and therapists to create practical and innovative therapy sessions curated for you!

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What We Do

We currently offer five different certification curriculums to clinicians, social workers, professionals, parents, teachers, students, geek culture fans, and pro gamers on how to use Geek Therapy to unlock the best version of themselves and others.

Becoming a Certified Geek Therapist shows that you, as a clinician, are an identified expert in Geek Therapy.  Being recognized worldwide by the high level of training, you have the capabilities to guide a client no matter where they are in their therapeutic journey!

Certified Geek Therapist

(For Licensed Clinicians)

Therapeutic Game Master

(For Everyone)

Being a Therapeutic Game Master shows that you have both the knowledge and creative capabilities to curate an EPIC adventure that will help others grow as individuals and players! We will take you from a normal player to a legendary Game Master! This certification has limited seats every month so take action now! 

Obtaining your Geek Specialist Certification means you are an expert in Geek Therapeutic techniques. You will be able to demonstrate these techniques over multiple genres of Geek Therapy.

Certified Geek Specialist

(For Everyone)

Cultural Competency

(For Everyone)

The Cultural Competency Certification demonstrates you are able to provide diversity of thought, inclusivity practices, and understanding across the diverse groups apparent throughout the geek community. 

If you want direct access to our certified instructors, we offer LIVE trainings almost every weekend so you can ask questions, interact with other students and instructors, and get the latest Geek Therapy info!

Live Training

(For Everyone)

How We Do It

We offer three different education tiers that allow you access to all of the classes needed for each certification. Also included in each of those tiers is every new class our amazing instructors create almost every week! On top of that we create and offer the actual tools we use in our sessions!


These are the tools we’ve battle tested in our own therapy and role-playing sessions!!


We offer Geek Therapy training for professionals and non-professionals in 3 tiers called Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic

Find A Professional

Find Clinicians, therapists, counselors, mental health professionals, and other professionals who can use Geek Therapy to maximize the improvement of health in patients, students, and clients NEAR YOU!

Geek Therapy 101​

Geek Therapy is the practice of using the psychology of geek cultural interests like video games, comic books, movies, tv shows, Dungeons & Dragons, anime, and more to improve oneself and others around us. 


Check out some of our awesome partners!! We partner with other amazing organizations to help create the best classes, content, and help drive the overall growth of the Geek Therapy community!