The Geek Therapy Card Deck helps people find balance, reduce stress, bring awareness into their lives, and be mindful in the moment allowing them to manage distress, regulate their emotions and understand life relationships using Geek Cultural Artifacts and insights found within. Click here for more info.

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Leyline Publishing provides high quality and researched print and E-Book publications to parents, geeks, nerds, gamers, and professionals across all disciplines. Our sole focus is to bring Geek Culture to the world. Check out our showcase below!

Leyline Podcast

The Leyline podcast is a conversation podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony Bean (also know as The Video Game Doctor) with guests that have included psychologists, video gamers, influencers, authors, and beyond.

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Therapeutic Game Masters

Geek Therapeutics presents Therapeutic Game Masters in training. We show how to become a Therapeutic Game Master in our Certified courses with comprehensive training. Get a taste of understanding new game systems, different play styles, and how to play in a therapeutic nature as a Game Master.

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