Leyline Publishing is a publishing company that helps clinicians produce content and tools they leverage from their vast knowledge to better the Geek Therapeutics community. We will help you get your ideas and methods out to the public and used in therapeutic practices!

What do we do?

We’ve worked with clinicians to  provide high quality and researched print and E-Book publications to parents, geeks, nerds, gamers, and professionals across all disciplines. By leveraging everyone’s knowledge we’ve also created these tools to help implement this knowledge.


We’ve released some amazing titles and are continuing to release new titles based on popular culture and geek cultural artifacts.

Therapeutic Tools

We’ve created tools anyone can use in therapeutic sessions to help guide not only the session, but also make sure everyone has everything they need to participate! 

Check out our podcasts!

We do podcasts to help keep our users up to date with the latest techniques and invite others on for open forum discussions on methods used in Geek Therapy!

Leyline Podcast

The Leyline podcast is a conversation podcast hosted by Dr. Anthony Bean (also know as The Video Game Doctor) with guests that have included psychologists, video gamers, influencers, authors, and beyond.

Therapeutic Game Masters

Geek Therapeutics presents Therapeutic Game Masters in training. We show how to become a Therapeutic Game Master in our Certified courses with comprehensive training. Get a taste of understanding new game systems, different play styles, and how to play in a therapeutic nature as a Game Master.

Are you interested in getting published?

Pitching Leyline is easy. Please complete this form, which is designed to give us the information we need for an initial assessment. We will follow up with you about your pitch within roughly two weeks.

We are looking for book pitches pertaining to the below topics:

What is Geek Therapy Anyway?