What Exactly Does a Certified Geek Therapist look like?

Professionals utilize geek cultural artifacts to eliminate communication barriers, improve conversations, understand cognitive perspectives, diagnose, and treat conditions.

Certified Geek Therapist

A Certified Geek Therapist helps you as the professional meet the client where they are at. By utilizing these specially curated training and cultural artifacts, you are able to help your clients with change, progress, and becoming better versions of themselves. By being trained in this type of therapy using role playing, fantasy, fandoms, and personal identities you are able to establish connection, encourage interaction, demonstrate analogous real-life experiences, and to facilitate personal and intrinsic growth for your clients through a geek centric lens.

How do I become a Certified Geek Therapist?

You will be able to distinguish yourself from other professionals by being able to use a specific logo which is licensed to you after completing required training and being put on our special registry for clients to find you!

Step 1: Sign up for Geek Therapy Education Subscription Service.
Step 2: Take Cultural Competency courses.
Step 3: Take a Cultural Competency Exam.
Step 4: Take additional classes and consultation hours.
Step 5: Take Certified Geek Therapist Exam.

Start Your Epic Journey To Becoming A Certified Geek Therapist!